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Creating A Unique Lighting Experience With Round Paper Lanterns.

Triad Event Lighting can create the perfect ambiance wherever you are just by adding the unique style of paper lanterns.  There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from; however, we’re going to focus on the most popular style… round paper lanterns. Round paper lanterns are your basic paper lantern which can have a battery powered […]

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What Types of Lights should I use for Centerpieces?

There are several types of lights to use during an event. But how do you know which lights to use and for what? This blog is going to inform you of just that! When lighting a centerpiece, floral arrangement, buffet or bar, it is important to use a certain light called a pin spot. A […]

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The Moods of Colors

What type of mood do you want to set on your dream-wedding day? What about the reception? This blog will inform you as to which lighting colors to choose to help set the appropriate mood at your venue. Red Lights: Red lights are very romantic and warm. This color allows the venue to feel very […]

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Lighting: Just Some Information

There is much more to lighting that meets the eyes. Lighting is much more than simply just flipping a switch.  At the reception, a bride and groom want their colors to “pop”. They want certain images to be seen and others to somewhat shy away from. Lighting allows you to do all of this. Lighting […]

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Orbs are the trendy new items in lighting! They are so unique and fun, and there are so many ways you can use them at your venue! Orbs can be many different things. They can be balls of light or they can be transparent figures. They are perfect for outdoor weddings or receptions because they […]

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The Grand Opening of The Furniture Factory!

Triad Event Lighting had a great opportunity to help create an amazing lighting experience for the grand opening of The Furniture Factory in High Point, North Carolina. The Furniture Factory was releasing several new lines of furniture including Dinec, Bernexm Berthaie, Tarymor, Shermag, and Mido.  Triad Event Lighting was honored to be a part of this […]

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String Lights!

Ever thought of decorating for Christmas in June? String lights, also known as Christmas lights, are a beautiful way to light up your ceremony! They are very romantic and sweet as well as inexpensive.       We recommend decorating the outside of a building of the venue,trees, or even the ceiling with white Christmas […]

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