Ceremony Draping: the Big Chill

Triad Event Lighting was happy to work with one of our favorite planners, Kelly Martin of Head Over Heels, and Tyler Lee of the Big Chill in accomplishing our bride’s vision for both the ceremony and reception.

Our bride Shannon wanted to create a romantic wedding backdrop for her ceremony incorporating layers of draping, floral arrangements, and lighting. Ultimately, our goal was to create a white wall with draping in order to replace the room’s yellow mustard tone while making a focal point for the entire room.

 As for the wall, we combined two different textures with sheers in the front creating romantic swoops, which framed the wedding altar where Shannon and her soon-to-be husband would say their I-Do’s For the wall’s back layer, we used an even white tone to create a ceremony feel.

To top it all off, we created an elegant amber glow in the adjacent room for her reception to help complete the vintage look she wanted.


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