Charming Mason Jar Lights!

Mason Jar LightingIn the South, everyone has a memory associated with the Ball Mason Jars. Whether they were the fabulous period blue color or the clear version, images of grandma or mama canning green beans using these beautiful jars are bound to flood back. Give a nod to the past and your family’s heritage with our incredible Mason Jar Lighting. 


There is nothing more charming and fun than mason jars floating overhead. Guests will be surprised of the unique lighting choices. These lights can easily be used outside for a gorgeous take on a fun wedding reception or inside. We especially love the option to use candles inside if desired for a softer glow and a more romantic ambiance.

Lighting is everything at events. Pair our Mason Jar Lighting with wall washing in your colors for a truly inspiring atmosphere. Wall washing creates the palate that you’re looking for at your event, matching Mason Jar Light Strandthe colors of your wedding, for example, and the Mason Jars give off a whimsical vibe that is that right touch of fun, history, and memory-making.

Mason Jar Lighting Strands








Bring your past, and allow the memories from your loved ones be a part of your wedding with our inspiring blue Ball Mason Jar lights.

For more information on our Mason Jar lighting or to learn more on how we can help make your next event shine, contact us. We would love to help make party truly memorable.

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