Create a Stunning Effect with Red and Gold

Imagine a sense of royalty: a regal yet warm approach to lighting. You want that sense of drama without it seeming over the top or clashing with the decor already in place. You like the idea of stunning without seeming cheesy. Try the color palette of red and gold.

Red is known for it’s dramatic nature. It demands attention and alludes passion like you on your wedding day. Consider red drapery and wall washing to give an overall warm glow in the room. Match the drapery to your table clothes or napkins and choose red roses to bring it all together. Red is the color of love, a perfect color for your big day and reception.

Gold complements red by bringing it down from firecracker to a warmth and neutral base. Though red isn’t something you would want to put with another vibrant color, because gold is a metallic but still in the neutral family, it instantly keeps red in a zone that makes guests comfortable. Gold can also bring in a textural aspect to the room through gold accents and chairs. It’s shiny without being overt. Consider using gold in centerpieces and in china even. Imagine gold lighting like our malleable gold wire lights in which we can arrange around centerpieces or string across the ceiling.

Mix it up with our customizable lighting for that personal touch. Shown in these pictures is a monogram style of lighting. Make it your own and we will let it shine.

For more information about how to make your next event truly unique and beautiful, contact us. We would be happy to help.

**All photographs courtesy of TriadĀ Event Lighting.

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