Creating A Unique Lighting Experience With Round Paper Lanterns.

Paper Lantern DesignTriad Event Lighting can create the perfect ambiance wherever you are just by adding the unique style of paper lanterns.  There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from; however, we’re going to focus on the most popular style… round paper lanterns.

Round paper lanterns are your basic paper lantern which can have a battery powered led light inside that will produce a dim shadowy light. This style of lantern can also have a 7 watt light bulb placed inside that will be attached to a dimmer switch.  This will allow you to be able to change the brightness of your room and set the mood for the evening.

Paper Lanterns From Below Now that you have a basic idea of how these lanterns operate, lets take a look at how we can use them.

There are countless setup arrangements.  Our most common ones are tight clusters and an assortment with spacing to cover a larger area. The cluster option keeps the lights very closely hung.  This is great for creating a centerpiece over your dance floor or accenting a specific area at your reception.  We can use LED lights or 7 watt light bulbs to give you a different lighting effect from a twinkling night sky or a well lit area that dims as the night goes on and your party really gets started. Paper Lanterns Detail

We recommend spacing the lanterns  every 3 ft along a strand of 7 watt bulbs.  This option is perfect for lighting tents because it creates a beautiful ceiling as well as providing ample light for your entire tent. In addition, you can combine the effects and create a beautiful lighting effect for any space.  We can also customize the bulb and paper lantern colors to perfectly complement your décor.  

Be sure to setup a consultation with one of our lighting designers to explore all the ways we can create a beautiful paper lantern arrangement for your special day.

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