Dramatic Drapery

Dramatic Draping Design

Consider adding lighting in your ceiling drapery for a unique take on a starry night.

From pipe and drape to ceiling drapery, many people understand the importance of drapery to create a look that is very personable and unique but with so many options, it’s easy to get lost on the Pinterest boards of the various options. Here are a few options that we love to create a look that is all your own for your next event.

Many think of pipe and drape as the standard piping standing close to walls with drapery hanging. These are fantastic for create that beautiful flowy blank canvas for your lighting and your other decor to really stand out. Pipe and drape is what brings an entire room together. However, when you add a ceiling drape, you’re taking that next step to encapsulate the room in your own world. In the wedding realm, this is the world that you two have just created together.

Airy Blue Draping

Introduce your color scheme into your drapery plans to tie your event together.

Add lighting. There is few things more gorgeous than adding lighting to a beautiful drapery. We recommend a lighter fabric like satin or chartreuse with added twinkling lighting inside to give an incredible star-lit sky even if your venue is entirely inside. Turn up the romance as you turn down the other lights for a dance under your own stars during your first dance together.

Beautiful Ceiling Draping

Canopy drapery gives a more modern effect in a reception hall or wedding ceremony.

Make it your own. Choose fabrics that are in your color scheme. Choose a hanging either tent style or canopy style. Either way, elegance is always in the fore-front. With tent-style drapery hanging, you create a dramatic peak (or peaks) in the center of the room. Canopy style is a more casual approach to drapery with a lighter, more care-free atmosphere within.

Whatever you choose with drapery, whether it’s an incredibly breath-taking entrance or a elegant reception room you’re looking for, contact us . We’ll be happy to give you options that fit just what you’re looking for.

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