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Make Your Centerpieces Pop

Add that unique “bling” to your event and highlighting your table-décor with our new Wireless Centerpiece Lights. These LED fixtures are strong and sturdy and can support up to 25 pounds, so they are perfect for large floral arrangements. The best part is they are water resistant, so don’t worry about those table spills or a light drizzle during an outdoor event.

  • Wireless battery-operated centerpiece uplight.
  • Add elegance to Event Highlights.
  • Strong & Robust for Heavy centerpieces/ Supports large vases/and or floral arrangements (25LB<)
  • Polarized Lenses eliminates glare on guest
  • Black or White Color Allows unit to blend into any décor.
  • Full wireless control. Can match entire room décor effortlessly. Max Run Time (8hr/16hr)
  • Rated for Outdoor use and impervious to table spills.
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