Get Everyone In on Entourage Fun!

Vanity Entourage Photo BoothYour guests are your superstars and make them feel that way. Be the host with the most (guests) when you book our newest photo booth.

Entourage Photo Booth Interior





The Vanity Entourage photo booth is much like our original Vanity photo booth: that signature sleek and sophisticated look easily fitting into any color combination and match any decor or event with brilliant LED lights. The social integration is still as strong as ever with capabilities like posting your photo session on Facebook, Twitter, or many other social media sites with a push of a button. Email the pictures to the guests who couldn’t make it directly from the booth. And at the end of the night, print out your favorite photos in a snap.

But we trust you already knew all of that. After all, cool news travels fast. So, what makes the Entourage any different than our original?

Enjoy it all with up to ten people in one shot.

Entourage Photo Booth Exterior That’s a lot of love, a lot of smiles, and a lot of fun to share with the whole family and all of your closest friends. No need to worry about spending hours in line for the booth, or not having enough room for everyone. Grab your friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, and that guy down the street to join the fun inside our Entourage Photo Booth.

For more information on any of our photo booths or to reserve our Entourage photo booth at your next event, contact us. We will be happy to help make your event truly memorable.

**All photographs courtesy of Vanity Photobooths.

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