How to make Your Outdoor Wedding “Pop”

Paper Lantern Design

Triad Event Lighting knows the ways to give your special day a little “Pop”. In order to make this happen, the first thing you’re going to want to do is inspect the venue. As you’ve read in our previous blogs, it will save you tons of time and money if you go ahead and hire a professional.

Although “Do It Yourself” projects are often very fun and exciting, we don’t recommend you doing your own lighting for what is considered “the happiest day of your life”. If you take our suggestion and hire a professional, he or she will personally come out with you to help inspect the venue. The inspection is important because it will show whether there is electricity at the site or if a generator may be needed.

When creating an outdoor lighting scheme there are multiple ideas to explore. A great and inexpensive way to make the atmosphere “pop” is to use paper lanterns.  Paper lanterns give off a beautiful and peaceful effect. As you can see in the picture above, they create a unique ambiance. 

We suggest that you hang these lanterns from trees. Since they are battery powered, they look nice because dangerous power cords can’t be seen all over the venue. Listed below are several more awesome outdoor lighting ideas:

  • Luminaries or battery powered candles can be used to light up those darkened pathways once the sun has set.
  • If the power sources are available, adding uplighting to a romantic gazebo is also another great idea.
  • Uplighting an Outdoor SpaceWelcome your guests to your event by highlighting or accenting an outdoor sign.  This can leave a lasting impression on your guest and a great memory of the event in their mind.

Hope that you have enjoyed these lighting ideas. Tell us what you think. And if you have any ideas or questions please email us at [email protected]

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