Light Up Your Love with Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulb Varities

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Maybe it’s the fight back from florescent and LED lights, or maybe it’s a nod to the past but Edison Lights have made a huge comeback in event decor. Whether it’s overhead or incorporated with centerpieces, the intricate filament make for a beautiful photograph despite the naked bulb. Lighting can create the perfect atmosphere. Why not use Edison Bulbs to create your perfect ambiance?

Edison Strand Lighting

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Our bulbs can be used outdoors during a reception or late wedding ceremony for an intimate but very different effect or indoors in exchange for fancy chandeliers. Edison BulbsĀ  do a great job of incorporating any theme with that perfect charming look.

We adore this lighting option. It’s like a string of art hung overhead with a raw, warm glow like your love at your wedding. For more information on our Edison Bulbs or to learn more on how to give your next event that personable touch, contact us. We would love to help make your next
event truly memorable.

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