Lighting Combinations: Canary, Silver, Black, White

Bright, cheery, and fun, this color combination will breathe life into your wedding reception without seeming too harsh. With yellow as the bright component bouncing off of beautiful silver and warming up cold white, it creates a comforting place–like a warm summer day. Try this tips when choosing this color scheme to make your event feel and look beautiful.

Yellow, Black, White, and Silver Reception

Yellow, Black, White, and Silver Reception

Like gold, yellow plays an upbeat role in your event. Think of using a wall washing technique to keep that warm glow without casting a tint onto your place settings or other decor. Gold accent lighting such as string lights for an outdoor event or even to create stars on a reception room ceiling would be a tasteful way to incorporate canary yellow into your event.



To keep your event from drifting into the sun (or stars), ground your guests with black linens. This will also help in camouflaging those accidental spills during dinner.

Yellow, Black, White, and Silver Cake Accents

Silver and white become beautiful accents of clean, crisp, and mirrored light surfaces. This can give the illusion of larger spaces and a more modern twist to your event.


Consider using silver and yellow with your white cake on your black linen for the ultimate in tying your warm and fun colors together.

For more information on this color scheme or to find out how you can take your event from nice to awesome, contact Charlotte Event Lighting. We would love to help.


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