Lighting Combinations: Pink, Silver, Black, and White

We all remember the color wheel of grade school: the complementary and analogous color schemes. But when it comes to a wedding, just how important are your color choices? Can they really make or break your wedding?Pink, Silver, Black and White Reception

Make or break may seem a bit of an exaggeration but when the photos are developed, you want to see shades that correspond and play off one another rather than realizing then that the orange, yellow, and sage wasn’t really as warm as you wanted. Don’t fret–we’re here to help. We’ve come up with numerous color combinations for you to ponder on and help make your wedding beautiful, elegant, or downright playful.

Pink UplightingPink, Silver, Black, and White creates an elegant and romantic allure.

Think metallic silver for shine and reflection using your serving ware, china, and centerpieces. Accents of silver can be placed around the room for contrast and interest. Place mirrors on the walls and on the tables for an opening effect. Pink Uplighting Accents


Pink wall washing and accent lighting can really bring out the color of your wedding and make for a romantic reprieve. Casting pink lighting on the dance floor with your initials monogrammed in lighting in the center creates a subtle and effective way to personalize your event further.Beautiful Pink Uplighting

Black linen and ribbons will ground the event and prevent it from going too far into the girly side of things. It is also a great combination with pink as it helps to bring out the depth and variety of the other colors at your event.

White is clean, crisp, and light to add to that airy feeling of wedded bliss. White accent lights can bring pop to silver and pink without overdoing it with another bold color. Consider white lighting on your tables or hanging just above your refreshments. White can be a powerful accent when used correctly.

For more lighting combination ideas or for more information on this color scheme for your next event, contact Triad Event Lighting.

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