Lighting: Just Some Information

Beautiful UplightingThere is much more to lighting that meets the eyes. Lighting is much more than simply just flipping a switch.  At the reception, a bride and groom want their colors to “pop”. They want certain images to be seen and others to somewhat shy away from. Lighting allows you to do all of this.

Lighting is one of the few things we suggest that you don’t do yourself. Lighting specialists are experts who have been trained to make things more or less dramatic. They know how to make certain items look good. Also, it’s a lot more technical and complicated than one would think!

Rustic String Lighting

You want to make sure the lighting is always focused on the tables, dance floor, and each other. When setting up,keep in mind that all doors in the venue should be closed.  If they are open, the lighting will flood into another room and ruin its effect.

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