Look Before You Light: What Your Location Can Tell You!

Permanently Fixed Lighting Example No matter what your event may entail, regardless if it’s a corporate function, wedding, or school dance lighting can really bring the event to life.  Triad Event Lighting advises you to first consult a professional it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

The professional’s first step is to scope out the location.  This is what your consultant will be looking for:      

Where the fixed lighting is located. Lights that brighten walls, ceilings, and windows that can draw attention away from your center.Dimmer Switch

Do the overhead lights have a dimmer switch? A dimmer switch can make the lighting easier to control. It will also be easier to set the mood for the event whether brighter, which would create a dramatic and lively atmospherWall Outlete versus darker, which creates a more romantic tone.  

How many outlets are available in the reserved space and where they are located.  This is important in the planning process of where you will be placing your lights throughout your venue.Service Door  

Are there any service doors that must remain open during the event? This could possibly ruin the lighting of the entire venue. 

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