On Your Mark, Get Set, Illuminate!


Perfect Venue, Check! Perfect Table Décor, Check! Now, dim the lights to set the mood and CRICKETS. (Insert Sound effect here). Ok, now that I have your attention, let me ask you a serious question: What’s the point of going through all the months of planning & spending countless hours finding the unique table décor, that can literally cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars if no one can see it once the overhead lights are dimmed? Seriously?!  

Flowers and other table decor should not be nearly invisible and lurking in the shadows; they should, in fact, be celebrated & wonderfully bathed in soft mood enhancing light. Triad Event lighting is always looking for unique ways to bring light into a room without being overbearing and obtrusive.  Our new magnetic, wireless remote controlled dimmer Pin Spots are the perfect way to turn a mundane room into a vibrant showpiece. These small lights blend seamlessly into the background while focusing a narrow beam of light onto the subject matter, making it pop into the foreground. Trust me when I say this: It will make a vast difference in the way your table décor is viewed and celebrated and not to mention your photographer and florist, both, will love you for it.

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