Floating Orb LightsOrbs are the trendy new items in lighting! They are so unique and fun, and there are so many ways you can use them at your venue!

Orbs can be many different things. They can be balls of light or they can be transparent figures. They are perfect for outdoor weddings or receptions because they help light up a pathway. They are also perfect for any Halloween people. Some people believe that orbs you see in pictures are ghosts or angels. However, these orbs Orb Lights would be man-made and people friendly.

One of our favorite ways to use orbs, that we mentioned before, is to light up a path to the reception. If your wedding takes place outside at sunset, use this orbs to light a path for your guests Orb Lightto walk themselves to the reception, if it is close by, of course! We suggest big white orbs because they help to set a majestic and romantic tone on your way to the big party.

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