Our New Wireless Uplights are Here!

Wireless Holiday LightingGreat for weddings or any holiday event, our new LED uplighting fixture ranks as one of the best for creating those stunning color crossfades for those who dream of adding multiple colors at their event; also, they are flawless at highlighting columns in banquet halls for weddings and corporate events. The best part is that they are completely wireless. Yes, wireless! Free from cumbersome cables and cords, our LED uplighting can be placed anywhere and controlled from across the room if needed for total customization of lighting needs.

Wireless UplightThe sleek, mirror-bodied, wireless event-luminaire is also perfect for outdoor usage and can withstand splashing water or a light misting (though not available in heavy downpours).  It is a completely self-contained lighting solution with over 12 hours of battery life under normal operation conditions so there is no need to worry if the battery will die before your guests go home for the evening.

New Chauvet WellsWith over 16 million different colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.  And if you decide mid-party you want to change the color of your event to match a song or mood, the wireless DMX makes changing color throughout  the duration of the event effortless without anyone realizing we’re controlling it.

When planning your next event, consider using wireless uplights for those hard to reach areas that were almost impossible to get to when using wired lighting. For more information, contact us  . We will be happy to help light up your next event.

All photos courtesy of Triad Event Lighting.

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