Paint the Holidays Red!

Holiday LightingHosting a Christmas party this year that raises the bar? Looking to take it up another notch? When it comes to holiday parties, our decor is as expansive as your imagination. We especially love our Paint-The-Town-Red theme for the holidays.

Using our wireless uplighting placed just perfectly in the room to hide the flaws and showcase just what you want, we “painted” the walls a deep red color that is warm and inviting but can bring back memories of candy apples or bright red wrapper paper grandma used to buy in bulk.Custom Company Monogram

Showcase a Christmas tree if you’d like in the midst with bold bright lights to highlight your festive event.¬†We can add spotlights to light up your refreshments table or other decorations that you would like an added boost toward. We can even customize your event with our laser-designed customizable spotlight for anything from company logos to monograms or special messages.


Holiday Lighting & DecorMake your holidays all your own with the friends, family, coworkers, or and those you really care about. Bring out the candles and the mistletoe. Give your loved ones the best party they’ve ever attended for Christmas.

If you’re looking to start your holiday season with an incredible party, contact us. We’d be happy to help.


All photos courtesy of Triad Event Lighting.

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