Photo Booths at Corporate Holiday Parties: This Is Going to be Awesome!

Vanity Photo Booth Interior

Photo Courtesy of Vanity Photo Booths

It’s the one event that has your co-workers taking from October until the end of the year and beyond: the company holiday party. So why not add some sugar and spice with one of our photo booths?

With our photo booth, everyone can enjoy kick up their snow boots and enjoy themselves without having to worry about work; instead, they can grab a pair of our antler props or candy canes coming out of their ears for a funny picture on our entirely customizable film strips. Best of all, you’ll get a copy of all the great pictures. And no worrying about if the booth clashes with your theme for this year’s party–the booth itself is entirely customizable as will with LED lighting in any color you desire.

Holiday Photo Booth Fun

Photo Courtesy of Triad Event Lighting

Our photo booth is bound to spot reindeer and Santa. And perhaps some more serious pictures will be found among the digital and hard copies you’ll be supplied with after the party is over (guests get their copies immediately after the pictures are shot). All photo booth rentals include set up, take down, delivery, and one of our staff who manages the booth for a constantly fun time. No doubt your company will fall in love with our booths this holiday season as much as we are.

Vanity Photo Booth Exterior

Photo Courtesy of Vanity Photo Booths

At TriadĀ Event Lighting, we’re out to give your employees the best holiday party they’ve ever experienced. Give your employees the ability to capture their memories with friends and families with one of our wonderful, crowd-pleasing photo booths… And who knows? Maybe you can get a tax credit for the expense. (Hello, Team Building!) Either way, we won’t tell.

For more information about our variety of photo booths or to learn more about how we can best serve you during your next event, contact us. We’ll be happy to help make your next party extraordinary.

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