Pipe and Drape Dreams

Dramatic Outdoor Draping

Pipe and Drape can be used outdoors to create structural focal point in an otherwise expansive location.

Drapery has been considered one of those “extras” when it comes to event decors for a while now. Here recently draping has it made its way over to the essentials list alongside cake and champagne. Before venues were booked by means of “newness” or wall color but with the inclusion of pipe and drape, along with some phenomenal lighting, any venue can be transformed into a stunning event right out of a wedding magazine.

Modern Draping & Green Uplighting

Drapery with lighting is the simplest way to really create an effect that is all your own.

Pipe and drape refers to the type of drapery one chooses–this particular one is established with long pipes running along the very top of the walls with beautiful drapery of any color flowing down. It makes the room look bigger but without worry of giving off a cold impression. Rather, the opposite occurs. Draping warms up a room, making it feel light and airy whilst romance and fun abounds.

Luxurious White Draping

Drapery can be used throughout a room to give a romantic and warm atmosphere to any venue.

We suggest pairing drapery with a wide array of lighting choices whether that means giving the perfect backdrop to a personalized monogrammed spotlight or your wedding colors flooding over into your reception hall. With no need to hang anything on the walls or request to paint anything, pipe and drape is the ultimate decor in the event business.

For more information on pipe and drape or for a quote on decorating your next event, contact us . We’ll be happy to help make your next event stunning.

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