Pizelle Light Up Your Event

They’re the go-to summertime lighting for that warm effect: paper lanterns. Usually either a globe shape or a drum shape, paper lanterns are those little brightly colored and not-so-durable thing some hang up in their trees for ambiance. Most people don’t realize their is an alternative–a classy, cute, and inexpensive alternative.

Imagine instead large white star-like lanterns dotted about your event’s skyline. Coming in many different styles, we will hang and take down your lighting for you making sure the placement is within view to be admired but never intrusive.

The glow is soft to create an atmosphere of fun and warm to intimate and romantic. Perfect for everything from an outdoor wedding or reception to a family event held in the backyard. Give your event something a little special with our pizelle lanterns: absolutely perfect for every outdoor occasion.

For more information on pizelle lanterns or for rental prices, please contact us. We would love to help make your event truly special.

Photography courtesy of Aura Marzouk Photography

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