Where to Place Your Photo Booth

Caterer-check, venue reservation-check, entertainment-check. Photo booth?

Photo booths are as necessary as the photographer capturing moments that may otherwise go forgotten. When some people have decided against the wandering photographer, they’ve often chosen the great alternative: a photo booth. This gives guests the opportunity to take home their own memories of your event while leaving behind one for the host as a keepsake. I mean, what can be more entertaining than seeing your boss with a tiara?

Photo booth placement should be as precise as the wedding cake table. It should be placed where guests can easily see and take advantage of it while not distracting the event. Placing it near the entertainment or DJ, for example, would allow guests to remain involved in the party while they wait in line. Best part is they can request their favorite tune while they wait.

Splitting up any party or event, however, is never a good idea. Refrain from tucking your photo booth in a corner or isolated in another room–your guests then may never find it. Utilize your booth by giving it it’s own place nearby and in conjunction with guest traffic. Photo booths are an incredibly rewarding investment so long as your guests are able to enjoy its fun and creative features.

For more information how to make the best of your photo booth rental experience, contact us. We would love to help make your next event awesome.


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