Custom Monograms

Whether hosting a corporate event, wedding reception, or just a great party, incorporating a customized monogram is the perfect way to add a personal touch.

We work exclusively with glass monograms over their lower quality metal counterparts.  Glass gobos also referred to as (Go-Betweens) allow for the cleanest image possible while accommodating the complex design you desire.  The gobo design starts with an in person consultation at your venue where we will discuss the overall design and placement of the light, so that we can achieve the best effect.  Once the design has been selected, we submit it to our production team.

With the utmost concern towards perfect design replication, we provide proofs of your monogram during the pre-production phase.  Upon client approval, experienced professionals will create the glass gobo design.  And as an additional layer of quality control, we test and review each one before your event. We feel it’s important for our clients to get their monogram the way they have envisioned it.

Triad Event Lighting is happy to help you create a custom image that will create a unique experience for your upcoming event. Call us today for a free consultation.