Pin Spots

The new directional wireless Pin Spot changes the way events are imagined, created, and shared. Free from cumbersome cords, light stands, dimmer switches or control panels, this compact, light weight, LED fixture offers a warm white light that is perfect for highlighting décor and accenting floral centerpieces. 

Highlighted Features

Battery Operational — This is the first battery controlled LED Highlighting system of its kind. Configured with a state-of-the-art lithium battery, this fixture can run at full capacity for up to 14 hours, and at lower intensity for event longer.

Fully Adjustable Head— The light beam can be manipulated and focused in any direction imaginable. 

Wireless Dimmer Control– Its unique 4 channel infrared controller totally makes it possible to operate groups of these fixtures. For example: Dinner tables to group A, wedding cake to group B, and so forth and so on. 


Not only is this Wireless Pin Spot small, powerful, and lightweight, it is extremely adaptable too. It can be installed virtually anywhere. It comes equipped with a highly magnetic mount located on the underside that can attach firmly to any metal surface, and with a 100 pounds of holding power, this light is fastened safely and securely.

In addition, this product can be fastened with custom clips that can attach securely to  pipe and drape stands giving this  product the versatility to handle a dynamic venue and event settings.

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