Prom Picture Perfect: Photo Booths

Two words: prom pictures. It’s the time of year for parents to gather around their teenage sons and daughters dressed to the nines and snapping as many photographs as they can… Or at least until the fancy-clad say no more. So why not give them the chance to take their own fun pictures of prom using a great photo booth? Then as they look back at high school, they will forever have pictures to remind them of friends and the wonderful memories with them.

So what makes our photo booths great? Allow me to get you a little acquainted with our line up of fabulous booths.

You can make a photo booth scrapbook!

Each set of photographs will print into two fun film strips–the kids can take one home and the school can keep the second as a keepsake or give them out to the parents. Once gathered, parents and kids can put each into a scrapbook for memorable events. Have the teenager’s friends sign sign their name like an annual. We also supply flash drives of the photos taken throughout your event so you’re never missing a thing.

Playful Pics

Is that Sara in a mustache? And what’s with Mike wearing a top hat? Photo booths are made even more exciting when you add fun props to the mix. From feather boas, over-sided glasses, and opera singer horns, allow your guests to bring out their silly (and wild) side in the picture. For those a bit more serious, included is a white board to write a message in the picture. With some simple preparation, we can tie photo booths props to coordinate precisely with your event theme, color, or preference.

Have Fun and let Loose

While your prom photographer is testing the lighting and placement, your guests can remind you just why you invited them–they’re fun, funny, and creative. Let your friends show their true personality. Our booth can hold a large group of friends and is intimate enough for a solo shoot. With so much versatility, it’s the perfect accessory to any occasion.

For more information on how to get the most out of your photo booth rental, contact us. We will be happy to help make your event awesome.

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