Puzzle Lights: Unique hanging lamp shades

Puzzle Lights are unique light covers that use interlocking plastic pieces to form different shapes and creatPuzzle Light - Rounde a dazzling effect. There are unlimited options with these lights, since they comes in multiple sizes and colors, and can be put together in many configurations. Even the simple white pieces can be versatile using different color lights inside of the cover. There are also multiple shades of light showing through the cover giving it extra depth, instead of one solid color.

Cylindrical Puzzle LightEach Puzzle Light comes with 30 translucent interlocking pieces, which are made out of 100% recycled plastic, so they are environmentally friendly too. They are usable both indoors and outdoors for any kind of occasion. With four sizes and ten colors to choose from, the possible combinations are endless. Instructions are available for certain shapes, or you can experiment on your own. 

It is possible to customize the kind of puzzle lights you decide to use depending on the specific occasion. The heart shape puzzle light would be the perfect touch to a Valentine’s Day lighting setup.  There is even a clover shape for St. Patrick’s Day. These light shades have such a variety of options that we have decided to experiment with them ourselves, and may be adding them to our repertoire of lighting possibilities, so stay tuned. Contact us today to find out more about these great lighting fixtures and many others at [email protected] We’ll be more than happy to tell you more about them.


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