Red Bull Vault Challenge

Red Bull Vault Balance ChallengeThis past Wednesday, Triad Event Lighting teamed up with Red Bull at the Uptown Mint Museum to create dynamic lighting displays to enhance a series of various challenges. What an exciting event to be a part of.

Over 70 teams of 2 competed in a series of mind and body challenges and the winner with best overall time would not only take home the winning title but would also go on an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for an exhilarating experience they would not forget.

 As for the lighting, we felt more was definitely better than less, so red and blue wired and wireless uplights were strategically placed through hallways, corridors and backlit specific stages of the competition in order to accentuate various challenges and provided more of an energetic feeling. For the slack line competition where each team carefully balanced along the lines and competed for best time, 18-inch baton lights were placed at floor level and shinned underneath the lines in order to simulate an energy field. In another event where memory was key, wireless magnetic Pin Spots were installed to highlight pieces of artwork, which had to be reconstructed.

Lastly, the top floor AKA: “The Vault,” the final stage in the competition, the room remained dark except for the Red and Blue wall washes and highlighted columns. A special thanks to DJ Yona who helped create a high-energy feel with the music  and to all of the Red Bull Staff who helped bring the event together.

Quote:  Thank you for everything you did to make The Red Bull Vault Challenge such a success. It looked awesome.~ Red Bull

Photo Cred: Jeff  Taylor, Mitch Wheeler


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