Red Carpet Regalia

Red & Gold Draping

Mix of red and gold drapery with Edison bulbs give an old school approach to the red carpet party.


Few things are more elegant than a red carpet runway with friends, family, or even coworkers lining up for photographers wearing formal wear that would make anyone double take. So gather your glitziest accessories and most fun ensemble and let us create the perfect party for you.



The Red Carpet. You can’t have a red carpet themed party without an actual red carpet. We will bring out the freshest brightest red for your event complete with stanchions along the entire length of your red carpet no matter the scale.

Red Carpet Entrance

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Lighting. Imagine walking down your red carpet with twinkling lights over head like camera flashes or stars twinkling. Once inside, the red luxury continues with wall washing in your favorite color that matches all of you own hand-picked decorations. Imagine spotlights and Edison bulbs. Whatever look you’re going for, we can achieve it.

Drapery. Luxury doesn’t exist without drapery. With soft crimson fabric flowing from the top of the room to the bottom paired with fantastic yellow lighting that can be dimmed at will, we can help bring the party to the dance floor in those fun jazz numbers all the way down to the romantic slow dances.

For more information on the Red Carpet Party or to learn more on how to make your next event pop, contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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