Starry White and Antique Gold String Lights!

When talking about holiday-themed events and weddings, one thing is always asked: how appropriate are using traditional string lights in decorating. With the thick and always-entangled wires, string lights are a common frustration when enjoying the time of year. To answer the call of a nice, beautiful substitute for the clunky string lights, we introduce our wireless (and wired versions) string lights.

Made with malleable wire, these lights can go anywhere you see fit whether that is to showcase the incredible high ceilings (or treetops over head) or to light up your centerpieces as though you tamed lighting bugs to set off your night, these can be molded and shaped again and again to get just the look you’re happy with.

And no worries of the wire getting too hot. Instead, the wire remains cool at all times so if you see a light that isn’t quite right in the middle of the night, no need to turn it off to cool down; immediate corrections can be made to make your event perfect from beginning to end.

With no wires to try to hide, these lights are absolutely incredible for so many styles and event needs. Contact us today for more information on how these lights can make your next event shine.

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