Summertime Festive Lighting

Paper Lantern Design

Paper lanterns can be strung in lines or randomly to create the effect that suits your taste.

Gather your friends in the back yard, or the front, start the grill and make a fun summertime drink. Kick back and enjoy the fantastic decor with the perfect lighting that sets that casual yet intimate atmosphere just right. Your friends compliment on how lovely your backyard looks. You smile in confidence.

Rustic Edison Bulb Design

Edison bulbs give that whimsical fair-like feel to any event and can play up or down depending on the other decor.

Imagine Edison bulbs strung overhead coming together in a single point near the food table, giving off a soft lighting throughout, gaining momentum for guests to observe your impeccable finger snacks and appetizers. Edison bulbs are becoming quickly popular amongst the outdoor events setting for their innate ability to dress events up or down depending solely on the other decor around.

Whimsical Outdoor Lighting

Uplighting can be bold, like shown, to give a lasting impression or more subdued to let the other lighting and decor shine through.

Want a softer or more romantic lighting, consider our lovely paper lanterns that come in all sorts of sizes and colors to match exactly what you’re looking for. These can be hung randomly to create soft orbs of light precisely where you need it where that be over the dance floor and tables or to line the walkway for guests.

We also enjoy grand entrances like the ones portrayed with uplighting. With absolutely endless possibilities for summertime color schemes, our uplighting can be placed to make a statement whether that is bold or subdued. Whichever colors and shades you can think of, we can accomplish.

For more information on our lighting choices contact us today. We would love to help make your next event look amazing.

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