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Summertime Festive Lighting

Gather your friends in the back yard, or the front, start the grill and make a fun summertime drink. Kick back and enjoy the fantastic decor with the perfect lighting that sets that casual yet intimate atmosphere just right. Your friends compliment on how lovely your backyard looks. You smile in confidence. Imagine Edison bulbs […]

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Large Pizelle Light

Pizelle Light Up Your Event

They’re the go-to summertime lighting for that warm effect: paper lanterns. Usually either a globe shape or a drum shape, paper lanterns are those little brightly colored and not-so-durable thing some hang up in their trees for ambiance. Most people don’t realize their is an alternative–a classy, cute, and inexpensive alternative. Imagine instead large white […]

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Outdoor Lighting Featured Image

How to make Your Outdoor Wedding "Pop"

Triad Event Lighting knows the ways to give your special day a little “Pop”. In order to make this happen, the first thing you’re going to want to do is inspect the venue. As you’ve read in our previous blogs, it will save you tons of time and money if you go ahead and hire a […]

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Paper Lantern Featured Image

Creating A Unique Lighting Experience With Round Paper Lanterns.

Triad Event Lighting can create the perfect ambiance wherever you are just by adding the unique style of paper lanterns.  There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from; however, we’re going to focus on the most popular style… round paper lanterns. Round paper lanterns are your basic paper lantern which can have a battery powered […]

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