Taking Spotlights to the Next Level with Pinspots


Pinspotting Table Decor

With so many lighting choices for every event, we here at Triad Event Lighting, are enthusiastic about one of our newer options: our pinspots.

Pinspots are the perfect alternative to any occasion in which wash lighting, or lighting that floods an entire area could look classier or more intimate when exchanged with our pinspots. Pinspots, instead, give us the ability to focus in on specific areas of our clients liking such as centerpieces or a small lounging area at a party. Mix our lights with candles for the ultimate in class and refinery.

Table Decor Pinspotting

Without the use of lighting stands, wires, or any traceable follies that could get in the way of your guests experience, our pinspots can be mounted and blended into any location by placing them on an existing fixtures, for example, or using their magnet mounting capabilities for infinite possibilities.

Uplighting and Pinspotting

And, with a beam of over 20 feet without splashing over or casting shadows, this lighting choice is the absolute perfect addition to your lighting needs by spotlighting what you want while keeping things intimate and beautiful.

For more information on our pinspots or how to create any of the stunning looks above, contact us. We would love to help make your next event incredible.

All photos courtesy of Boston Uplights.

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