The Moods of Colors

What type of mood do you want to set on your dream-wedding day? What about the reception? This blog will inform you as to which lighting colors to choose to help set the appropriate mood at your venue.Red Wash Lighting

Red Lights: Red lights are very romantic and warm. This color allows the venue to feel very personal and intimate. This color would be perfect for any private or small wedding. We wouldn’t suggest using red with a large audience. It might make certain guests feel uncomfortable.


White LED Lighting

White Lights: White lights bring a lot of energy to the venue. We suggest using these color lights at your reception if you’re planning to have a big party of fun with all of your friends and family members.  Use these lights to focus on the cake, the dance floor or even the centerpieces at the tables.


Blue Wash LightingBlue Lights: Blue lights give any wedding or reception a very dramatic and luxurious feel. There fun to use because they are different and out of the ordinary. Your guests won’t expect them.  Blue is vibrant, inviting and very flattering for all of your guests. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] . We love hearing from you!

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