What Are Wash Lights and Why Are They Important?

Wash Lighting with Pipe & DrapeWhat are wash lights and how are they used?: Wash lights are used to change the color of a room or venue. This process is called color washing and/or up lighting, the two terms are interchangeable.

What do you need to know when hanging wash lights?: It is really important to mount these lights high and use really high quality LED fixtures with a wide angle. How you position these lights is really important as well. Positioning allows you to make sure you’re covering as much space as possible with the fewest amount of lights. 

The whole reason behind this is to give the room a glow of color and not to saturate it so much that it looks tacky. We normally space our LED lights about 15’ apart.  In order to achieve a true color wash, hang the lights about every 5’ to merge the beams of light as well as make the room a very different and bright color. We prefer using a specific light called a “color batten.”

Tips to remember when choosing a color: Wash Lighting Accent Keep in mind that certain colors can highlight imperfections, especially if the lights were hung incorrectly.  Yellows and greens highlight the most imperfections.  It’s good to use blues, purples, and some red (as long as it is not overdone). Triad Event Lighting is completely customizable to 16 million colors and shades.  And as the experts, we will have no problem creating your perfect color wash.

Why are LED’s great lights to use compared to par cans when creating a wash?: In our opinion, color washing with LEDs is much better and easier than color washing with par cans. When using LED lights, you don’t have to worry about the light overheating and warming up the room, unlike par cans. Also, when using par cans, you’ll need to hang up more lights in order to achieve a similar affect.  Par cans, simply put, are much more difficult to use in general.  For example, a par can has many different gels that are usBatten Light Detailed to find your perfect tone of lighting.  For those who don’t know, a gel is what actually changes the color of light. Finding that perfect color or gel, can be very time consuming if you are not able to find exactly the tone that you want.  However, with LED lighting, everything is streamlined and controllable with just the touch of a button.  LED DMX Controllerlights also offer several features that most par can’s do not have.  For example, this feature has the ability to link power sources together which uses less extension cords and creates a cleaner look.

It also has the ability to hook up to a DMX switch. A “DMX” stands for “Digital Multiplex Signal” which is used to control all of the LED lights at once. This allows us to change the color of the room with grace and ease at a moment’s notice.   If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at: [email protected]

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