What Types of Lights should I use for Centerpieces?

Pin Spot EffectThere are several types of lights to use during an event. But how do you know which lights to use and for what? This blog is going to inform you of just that! When lighting a centerpiece, floral arrangement, buffet or bar, it is important to use a certain light called a pin spot.

A pin spot is a focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object. Most pin spots are hung from the ceiling. Ask a professional to hang this type of light because it’s typically very bright and you don’t want light to blind your guests.  According to www.specialevents.com, usually there is one pin spot for a low centerpiece and two pin spots for a high centerpiece. Pin spots, on average are between $20 to $50 each for an event.Lekolite

Lekolites are fun to use as well. You might have seen this before in a theatre since they are usually used to light up a stage. However, they are a little bit larger than pin spots.

Par cans, Parabolic Aluminized Reflector, are economical, lightweight and durable for any event. They are perfect if you are using multiple colors for your event or want to change the tone of the room. Par cans are also perfect for side lighting, to add color to your venue.

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